Dream Coach Junior

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Dream Coach Junior is the new project, in partnership with JA Italy, which will involve alumni in a self-improvement.

Who are the Dream Coach Junior?

They are people who, just like all the JA Italia and JA Alumni Staff, believe that sharing their experiences with students is an added value to their carrier and to that whose still has to enter the workplace. As alumni, it is an honor to be able to take part for the first time in a project witch offers us the chanceTo assist students during their last three years of high school, that is participating to “Enterprise in Action” project, by passing them over the competences we achieved with our experiences, inspiring and guiding them as equals, making mutual support relationships and why not, friendship as well.

 Why should we take part in this project?

Because there is going to be a win-win situation: Students will be helped by role models who will not be teachers, but former students who experienced all the insecurities that students are currently living and they will help them to solve at best. We Alumni will be able to improve some of the most requested soft-skills: team-working ability, mentoring, problem solving, networking and much more.

Will the Junior Dream Coach be left on his own when managing?

No one who joins the project will be ever left alone, of course. The Ja Dream Coaches have full access to resource available before the classes and during the making of the project will be assisted by the class’ coordinator teacher.

Can anyone become a junior dream coach?

No, given the reliability required to carry the assigned task out. Before becoming a junior dream coach, it is necessary to fill the S.A.T. in order to verify the candidate’s eligibility. A preferential requirement to access to this opportunity is to be a former participant in “enterprise in action”.

But don’t worry! You may not be a junior dream coach for this current year but, if eligible, you will be assisted by a senior dream coach, who will teach you his ropes to prepare you for next year.

How much money am I going to spend to reach the classes?

None! All the transfers’ costs will be covered by JA Alumni Italia to give everyone the chance to do their best.

If you think you could be the right person, what are you waiting for? Mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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